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Our Focus

Our focus is to improve your bottom line by improving automation efficiency, reducing cost of implementation, better systems monitoring and seamless integration.  We have acquired our competence through many years of training and experience, not only in your industry, but others as well.  Count on our 360-degree view of modern automation technologies to help make your decisions.  Competition is fierce and prudence in this marketplace demands that you spend your development dollars very wisely.  Our comprehensive skillset is precisely what can help you achieve this:



Still the backbone of most modern automation systems, PLC, HMI and SCADA systems are where our core competencies are.

Add to this our experience in motion control, RFID, barcoding and vision systems and we are able to handle 90% of all automation applications.



Quality & Traceability


Our years of experience also include many projects that incorporated quality tracking and traceability.  Sometimes a quality matter can require historical analysis to identify the root cause of a problem and its total impact.  In fact this data can be critical from a legal aspect as well.  We can guide you on the types of systems that can handle your needs and put a suitable solution in place.

Equipment Integration


Your process likely relies on the seamless integration of mechanical equipment and control systems from different vendors.  Not only can process integration become a challenge, but signal interfaces can also be complicated and sometimes downright incompatible.  We work to develop optimal solutions to get your systems running as if they were all created by one vendor.  In fact, we are often that single common thread in an entire process line.




Safety is paramount in any organization. Everything related to automation has to meet strict standards of compliance.  Our staff is knowledgeable in all such requirements and you can rest assured that any designs we create will be in compliance with the necessary national and international standards.

Data Handling & MES


Many benefits can be realized when process automation is integrated with MES and production scheduling systems.  Not only does it create visibility and transparency throughout the production environment, but there can also be a profound impact by streamlining operations.  Our in house Information Technology team can present solutions that are suitable for your organization.

Project Management


Among our technical staff are project managers with many years of experience.  When we do a project for you, it is executed with professional capabilities far beyond just technical prowess.  Achieving deadlines and managing risk require thorough documentation and excellent communications at all times.  We take great pride in project delivery and this is what separates us from many of our competitors.



Cloud computing is the increasingly common practice of providing ‘on-demand’ cloud services as IT infrastructure and resources. Over the past 20 years, the practice has evolved considerably, to the extent that cloud infrastructure solutions now account for more than a third of annual computer services spending worldwide. Public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud systems have transformed the way organisations around the world - ranging from forward-thinking start-ups to global, enterprise-level companies - think about their IT infrastructures.



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